Women in the sign of Capricorn often remain unmarried, while Aquarius chooses for a long time, but once they bond, they stay there for life.

Women represent a source of eternal inspiration, beauty, joy, happiness, all divine gifts, but also mysterious riddles and changeable desires. Their beauty has been interpreted by many philosophers, painted by various artists, writers, poets.

We will introduce you to women from the angle of the stars, some basic characteristics that represent the main features of female nature, but which are recognized through the affiliation or characteristics of a particular astrological constellation.

Woman Aries

She has a determined character and loves everything that is clean, clear, precise. She reacts quickly and actively to everything that happens. For her, the action is more important than thinking. The worries overwhelm her only momentarily, but they don’t leave any deep traces. It isn’t easily subject to waves of discouragement and pessimism. She is endowed with self-confidence and is very brave and enterprising. Also, she is able to go step by step to achieve life goals. She also takes certain risks so as not to get lost in the labyrinths of indecision.

Her enthusiasm and dynamism are strong enough drivers to overcome all difficulties. She often initiates and when he finds herself at a crossroads, she makes a quick decision. Also, she accepts challenges and risks, often showing a lack of style. She doesn’t tolerate complicated situations and doesn’t like people who find pleasure in confusing stories and events. She also behaves nonchalantly and directly. It happens that she hurts someone with her impulsive reactions, even though she didn’t have such an intention.

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Her character also has a great influence on behavior in love. She can in no way be classified as a slave. She is too independent to bear to be put in a “cage”, even a golden one and seeks mutual trust, which will ensure the life of the couple without scenes and doubts. Sometimes, she is jealous and shows it. She always requires clear answers to all the questions. It isn’t easy for her partner if he starts passing her and avoiding her. If her partner cheats on her, she will feel that her pride has been hurt, that her self-esteem has been wounded, and she will certainly not get over it easily.

She wants to have her role in everything, to have her word heard at every opportunity. If she comes across a person who is weaker than her, there is a danger that she will subdue him. She won’t like such a situation, because deep down she isn’t a supporter of such relationships. For her, the ideal man is one who has a strong character. Her audacity, enthusiasm, spontaneity will play a big role in her emotional relationships.

She can show tenderness towards her beloved man in public, and he will be thrilled by that. But she will also ask that he shows his feelings for her. In love as well as in life, she seeks full engagement. She gives all or doesn’t give anything. Sometimes she is infinitely noble, and sometimes she shows signs of egoism: first she thinks of herself, and only then of others.

Woman Taurus

She stands firmly on the ground. She loves everything that is constant and tangible. Dreaming for her is just a mental rest. She is never satisfied with deceptive promises, sweet illusions and doesn’t indulge in fantasies. She is faithful in friendship, but she also demands loyalty from the opposite side. If someone betrays her, she won’t react violently. Her reactions are light and less visible, but therefore infinitely deep and usually lasting.

If she is convinced that someone has treated her badly or that he has hurt her goodwill, she will never forgive him. She isn’t a supporter of changes and upheavals, nor anything that can disrupt the established course of her life. Although her character is strong, there are some weaknesses in there. Passivity and laziness sometimes appear in the way of life.

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She runs away from worries and problems and doesn’t like complications. Love plays a big role in her life. She isn’t a synonym for passion or romance but is for tenderness and enjoyment. When it comes to men, she is attracted to their physical appearance. What is hidden behind that appearance is less interesting at the beginning. When she meets a person she likes, she wants to attract attention in every way possible.

Before deciding on a more lasting relationship, she wants to be sure that he is the right one, who has found a reliable path of a broken heart. You don’t bond easily. The love in her heart is slowly maturing. Feelings develop gradually. She can’t stand the presence of another woman, even if it was her partner’s colleague. She can deftly weave a net around him to save him. If she discovers infidelity, she is willing to retaliate in the same way.

Woman Gemini

Dynamics is the most important trait of her character. She endlessly values ​​freedom and independence and doesn’t allow anyone to rule her, nor does she impose her will. She is very intelligent, but not perceptive. Sometimes, she misjudges people who wish her well, so she is able to insult them.

Likewise, she misjudges the intentions of those who don’t wish her well even though she isn’t aware of it. She knows how to find the best way to succeed in business. Also, she is ambitious, but not overly so. When she works, she wants people to appreciate her, but she also expects the material effect of her progress. She will never accept a job that doesn’t bring her material benefits. But money is easy to spend.

As in life so in love, she holds to her freedom. Even when she falls in love with someone, she is afraid of not getting too attached to him. She is faithful in love and marriage. If she divorces that man, she will never forget. She isn’t jealous and is a supporter of modern customs and habits. She can forgive fraud but she can be completely exclusive. Also, she prefers to break up than to stay with the one who cheated. She is extremely dynamic in love and doesn’t show her feelings in public.

She loves company and wants to show herself as a communicative person, who has a wide circle of acquaintances. That is why she cannot agree with a partner who isn’t dynamic. She won’t always succeed in this search for new acquaintances. It happens that she is more alone, even while she is surrounded by people. They may never fully realize that sometimes it is better to have a few loyal friends than many who are dishonest.

Woman Cancer

She is a very sensitive and emotional person. But in order to defend herself from the world, she tries to hide her feelings. To be happy, she knows how to close herself in “her world”, surrounded by high walls. That hidden world of hers is hard to discover. As a child, she felt safe in her parents’ home. Later, he tries to create “his world”, in which peace, tranquility, and security will reign.

She is neither too combative, nor too realistic, nor too active. Fear of the unknown hinders her from going forward and overcoming obstacles. She is satisfied with who she is and doesn’t want to change much. This escape from the unknown is completely understandable because it often conflicts with inconveniences, worries, and uncertainty. Her sensitive nature reacts quickly to any kind of aggressive behavior. When faced with a serious problem, she is able to transform into a “dragon woman” who will sacrifice herself to the end.

She knows how to be a dreamer in life, but she also likes to think. It has one major drawback: she can be easily influenced. If this cannot be achieved by people who aren’t too close to her, then all those she loves can do it very easily. Love means everything to her in life. That is her most important need. Love for her is tied to the notion of a spring in a warm nest.

She is looking for a man who will provide her with support and security, as well as endless tenderness. She is very sensitive by nature and very romantic. He dreams of infinitely romantic love, of passionate feelings of two kindred beings. Her hunger and thirst for ideal love are hard to satisfy. As with everything, there is a difference in love between beautiful dreams and reality. This is exactly what scares her the most.

Woman Leo

She is a strong woman, who doesn’t allow herself to be easily carried by the waves of destiny. Her vitality, will, and authority allow her to be a woman who dominates. She loves action and movement. It’s hard for her to stay in one place, to dream, and to do nothing. She doesn’t tolerate laziness, even when resting. Pride, and often vanity, play a big role in achieving success at almost any cost.

She is cautious and leaves almost nothing to chance. She has too high an opinion of herself to be able to be satisfied with only the current situation. In relation to others, she respects certain rules of conduct. “Lukewarm” and undefined feelings lead her to despair. Her character finds it difficult to adapt to people who are restrained in their feelings. That’s why she doesn’t tolerate people sitting in two chairs. Although she is honest, sometimes she likes to joke.

She knows how to show her small worries in order to attract the attention of others. There is another contradiction with her. She is generous and happy when she can bring joy to another. However, sometimes she is too egocentric, so before she thinks of another, she thinks of herself first.

Perhaps the greatest virtue she possesses is fidelity. It is necessary for someone to seriously deceive her, so that she changes her opinion about him. She has a solid character. That’s why she can’t stand being influenced by anyone. In relationships with people, she doesn’t tolerate whims and exaggerations. If she likes a man, she openly lets him know. If she loves, she completely surrenders to her feelings. She doesn’t tolerate anything unclear and vague in love.

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Woman Virgo

She accepts everything that happens around her with an analytical look. She has great restraint from everything that is dictated by instinct. Usually, she doesn’t show spontaneity, excessive enthusiasm, and a burning desire for friendship towards other people. She is reserved and shy by nature.

When she meets a man who likes her and who she likes, she will hardly immediately throw herself into his arms. Primarily because she herself is unsure about her feelings. She will always wonder, is it true love or just a fleeting feeling. To clarify this, she will put herself to the test first, and then the person she likes.

The hesitation to completely surrender to feelings is an expression of panicky fear of making a mistake. She is attached to her habits. She seems to be living in a comfortable nest, which she has created herself, and then she carefully wonders if the person who entered her life will destroy that peaceful corner for her.

One day when she overcomes her fear it is certain that the man she has chosen will be attached to the extreme. She is a faithful woman. She is discreet in everything. What is hidden in her is much more important than what she shows.

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