Hardly anyone is not familiar with the situation that is happening in Australia and it is about tennis.

Novak Djokovic and Australia-the case that all people talk about.

Of course, the policy of our company is not to write about political things that will continue to be the case, but we still have to look at the situation about Novak Djokovic and Australia.

After a real drama that lasted more than ten days, the decision was officially made to deport Novak Djokovic from Australia, and thus this process is finally over. Whether the right decision was made, it can be said that opinions are divided, and we will explain our position on all this in detail in this article … but one thing is for sure, it is a big scandal that shook world tennis and maybe brought it to the question of the future holding of the Grand Slam in Australia, maybe the Grand Slam will be moved to another place, now nothing is impossible.

So let’s go in order …

Should everyone follow the rules for entering a country? Certainly yes! One of the conditions was that anyone who wanted to enter Australia must be vaccinated. Was Djokovic vaccinated? Not! Then why did he go to Australia at all if he knew he could not enter the country and play a tournament? That’s where the real entanglement starts. Australia is known for rigorous measures concerning the coronavirus and the epidemiological situation, with 95% of the vaccinated population.

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In short, before coming to the tournament, Novak Djokovic received a confirmation from the Australian government and an independent commission approving his entry into the country on the basis of a medical exemption, since he was not vaccinated. The first tennis player in the world would not have dared to come to this country to fight for the title if he did not have valid approval as well as the necessary evidence that would allow him to enter the country.

After that, hell started a media chase, as well as everyone’s comments about this situation. Novak was detained at the airport, his visa was denied and he was placed in an immigration hotel, which many say is more of a prison than a hotel, where he stayed for days and fought legally for his position. Getting in court, then annulling the court decision by the minister who said that want the protection of public health, and according to them, Novak poses a danger to public health. Further, fight before a three-member panel of judges and it all ends with forced deportation after 11 days of fighting.

Was this really necessary? What did Novak do wrong? Did he hurt the people of Australia in any way?

When we talk about Djokovic’s attitude towards the people of Australia, the following should be mentioned:

Novak Djokovic and Australia:

  • Donated money to Australia to fight forest fires;
  • Donated funds to the Melbourne City Mission’s programs for poor children.
  • He gave $ 1,000,000 to the Australian Open in favor of the juniors, and we will all agree that he didn’t have the obligation to do that.

We would say that based on this information that is known to the public, there is no reason why any Australian does not like it, right?

In addition, it should be borne in mind to fight for the interests of players throughout the establishment; He is a role model for his healthy lifestyle and diet; He is a role model in his character and mental endurance; Also, he is a role model in his hard work and self-discipline; play every tournament against opponents and spectators. He dominated the field against both Nadal and Federer, playing his entire career in the Nadal and Federer eras; He did not allow himself to be intimidated and became a hero in the resistance movement against small bullies.

It all seems small. It is not enough that same Australia treats him like a man, a humanist, the best tennis player, and an athlete … Was all that necessary? Wasn’t it easier to say that he has no permission to come, that he does not meet the conditions for entering the country and avoiding all the media chase? They want the tournament to be in the foreground and they have made a plan to use Novak for political purposes in order to get some political points before the elections, or does it have nothing to do with politics? Is Novak a pawn in the hands of the authorities and maybe he found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time?

We can ask, is it about Novak Djokovic and Australia, or Novak and politics?

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We wonder if Federer or Nadal were in this situation, would Australia act like this?

When we talk about Nadal we should mention something that few people know. Nadal was not allowed to enter Australia either. How to? By announcing that Nadal tested positive for Covid-19 on December 20, he was already on the field in Sydney on December 30, and according to Australian law, 15 days after a positive test for Covid-19, he cannot be allowed to enter the country. Surprised? Did anyone write about it? Why is it not? Questions for our readers …

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There is also the famous scandal from 2013, when the then Minister of Health and Sports of France, Roselyne Bachelot, accused him of using doping. He was not caught in doping, according to her explanation, because he had a “famous injury” due to which he didn’t play for seven months.

Gilles Simon, a French tennis player, also wrote about Rafa and doping. In his autobiography, he revealed the connection between Nadal and Dr. Eufemiano Fuentes, who has a thick record when it comes to doping.

Not much was questioned on this topic, and everything remained in question, but Nadal was not suspended, punished, or questioned on that issue, and Nadal announced lawsuits against all those who claimed it, but in the end, there was nothing. the matter is covered up.

Federer had quarrels with the judges but was never more severely punished in any way. What credibility do others enjoy and Novak Djokovic does not?

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