Hardly anyone is not familiar with the situation that is happening in Australia and it is about tennis.

So let’s go in order …

How Much Sport Is Dangerous To Infect from Covid-19!

Was this really necessary? What did Novak do wrong? Did he hurt the people of Australia in any way?

  • Donated money to Australia to fight forest fires;
  • Donated funds to the Melbourne City Mission’s programs for poor children.
  • He gave $ 1,000,000 to the Australian Open in favor of the juniors, and we will all agree that he didn’t have the obligation to do that.

Wilander Admitted That Novak is Better Than Federer

We wonder if Federer or Nadal were in this situation, would Australia act like this?

Who’s The GOAT, Djokovic Or Federer: Big Discussion on TV!



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