She was born as a man, he was born as a woman and they are currently the most interesting trans-couple.

This is one trans-pregnancy-he is in the eighth month, and the baby was conceived naturally.

She Married Herself and Said: “I Feel Stronger and More Confident”

Colombian transgender model Danna Sultana, who was born as a man, shared a photo on social media with her husband Esteban Landrau, who was born as a woman and is pregnant.

They conceived the baby naturally because they both kept the organs they were born with, local media reported.

She Met a Boy At a Party And Became His Slave: Went Through a Hell For Three Years!

“Love is love,” Dana pointed out on Instagram, alongside a photo of her kissing her husband’s belly.

Pregnancy is going well and future parents are now counting down to childbirth.

They discovered that the baby would be a boy and they discovered that they would give him the name Ariel.

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