Read below which zodiac signs are easy to fall out of love with and why.

Have you ever wondered which of the zodiac signs fall out of love quickly and how they behave at that moment?

If you are planning a long relationship, these three signs of the Zodiac may not be the best choice for you.

Has anyone ever broken your heart after just a few weeks of a relationship? You must have wondered where love went?

These Zodiac Signs Don’t Want a Serious Relationship!

Astrology may be hiding the answer, and read below which signs quickly “evaporate” from the relationship.


This zodiac sign will probably fall apart and recede before you know it. Gemini can be extremely unpredictable when it comes to love and relationships. He may give up on your happiness very soon. It is true for them to “stop loving even after only ten days”. So, if you are in a love affair with Gemini, you will have to be prepared for an unexpected breakup.

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Like Gemini and Libra, they tend to leave relationships quickly. They are very passionate and when it happens that the heat disappears, it is difficult for them to stay in such a relationship. Libra is happiest when their relationship remains as lovely and intense as in the first days when they fell in love.


Cancers can also lose interest in you and your relationship very early. At one point they may confess their love to you, and the next day they can only approach you to tell you that they no longer love you. The only thing that can keep them with you a little longer is your willingness to make a constant effort to keep the connection afloat.

Which zodiac are you? Do you agree that these zodiac signs fall out of love quickly?

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