Is Atlantis the story of the emergence of the Black Sea or just a fairy tale of an imaginative storyteller?

No mythical term evokes as much mystery and interest as Atlantis, a very advanced civilization that abruptly disappeared thousands of years ago. So at least it is assumed.

No concrete evidence of its existence has yet been discovered, but that does not stop archaeologists, historians and adventurers from engaging in a mythology that has always intrigued curious minds.

If the Atlanteans really existed and what happened to them, we may never be able to answer these questions, but that does not stop us from asking them.

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Here are some theories about the fate of this lost culture that, according to legend, ruled the world in ancient times.

Atlantis was the continent that swallowed the Atlantic Ocean

The idea that this was a historically confirmed place, not a story invented by Plato, an influential ancient Greek philosopher, emerged only at the end of the 19th century.

In his book Atlantis: The Antediluvian World, writer Ignatius Donnelly claimed that the ancient people inherited achievements, such as language, land, and metal, from the advanced civilization that preceded them.

Donnelly described the submerged continent, which, according to Plato, was located outside the pillars of Heracles near Gibraltar, a strait that separates the Mediterranean Sea from the Atlantic Ocean.

Modern oceanography and the knowledge of tectonic plates that we have today do not support this theory.

Atlantis was swallowed by the Bermuda Triangle

Inspired by Donelly’s work, many writers later speculated that Atlantis was elsewhere.

One of them was Charles Berlic, the grandson of the founder of the famous Berlic language school.

He claimed in the 1970s that Atlantis was a true continent and located not far from the Bahamas, but that it had been swallowed up by the Bermuda Triangle.

It is a notorious area of the Atlantic Ocean where ships are reportedly disappearing under unexplained circumstances.

Proponents of this theory point to the presence of unusual underwater structures, similar to the streets and walls, located not far from the coast of the Bimini Archipelago.

Scientists estimate that these are natural structures formed from randomly deposited rocks.

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Antarctica was once Atlantis

Written by Charles Hapgood in his 1958 book Earth’s Shifting Crust, for which Albert Einstein wrote the preface, it is assumed that about 12,000 years ago the Earth’s crust was displaced, causing Antarctica to be moved south.

Hapgood believes that the climate in that former Antarctic was more moderate and that advanced civilization had developed there.

When the crust was supposedly displaced and the continent shifted, the temperature suddenly cooled and plagued the magnificent cities of the Atlantis with ice.

Just like Donelly’s, this theory precedes the knowledge we have today of the movement of tectonic plates, which refutes this assumption.




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