These 5 things can make us less attractive and here is what they are!

Whether you are single or not, you probably want to look better than others, right? Do people perceive us as attractive or depends not only on our physical appearance but also on behavior, as well as our good and bad habits.

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  1. Sleep deprivation. The lack of quality sleep does not only aggravate our appearance, but it also reduces our energy and makes us irritating. You will also have less confidence if you have not slept enough, and as you know, self-confidence is attractive.

2. Lacking a sense of humor. This is not a big surprise, but some people still insist that they are serious on all occasions as if they were at a business meeting. It’s interesting that men who are casual jokers are more attractive to women,

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3. Laziness. A six-week study conducted on university students revealed that the attraction among them had grown/decreased depending on how willing they were to help each other. The least active ones did not seem attractive to others. You must have noticed in your life that when you are active you have more luck when it comes to your love life.

4. Dishonesty. People feel a great aversion towards liars, even if there were some relatively small falsehoods, such as exaggerating your earnings. In one experiment, people were asked to evaluate the attractiveness of those who have the following characteristics: high intelligence, lack of intelligence, honesty, dishonesty, independence, and dependence on others. Dishonesty was perceived as the least attractive feature hands down.

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5. Closed body language. Maybe you heard about the power stance? It is a way a person stands with an ‘open’ chest which helps us feel greater and full. The opposite of that is a pose that has a negative effect on our attractiveness, such as example arm crossing, bending, and lying one’s hands on their legs while sitting.



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