We cannot avoid conflicts. In reality, emotional relationships are not superficial romantic films. Learn in a healthy way how to deal with quarrels in a relationship.

Quarrels in a relationship and why they happen

A well-known misconception refers to the fact that a quarrel in a relationship is always a negative thing. The fact that conflict can often result in a positive outcome gives a different perspective of looking at things.

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Depending on how you react to a quarrel in a relationship, you can guess whether a quarrel is desirable or not. Most people in conflict react very aggressively. Defending himself and personal attitudes, a person in conflict can say things that he does not think and that would greatly hurt his partner.

Marriage quarrels

Also, you need to learn to deal with emotional quarrels in marriage…

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However, can every quarrel lead to the breakdown of an emotional connection or can things be fixed after an argument?

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On the other hand, if your married life has become extremely difficult and if, in addition to numerous quarrels in the relationship, you do not see a way out of a bad relationship, then you should consider whether such a relationship is worth it?

Relationship problems

Would you like to learn how to deal with emotional quarrels in romantic relationship?

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Our need to be the captain of our relationship, to hold all the strings in our hands, and for someone to listen and love us unconditionally are some of the common reasons for quarrels.

How to save a relationship from an argument

Do you believe that your relationship is worth it despite numerous disagreements, quarrels, and bad moments?

1) Maybe your love is karmic, maybe you have a problem with manipulation or you are just a difficult person, you or your partner. However, it may not always be to the liking of you or your partner.
2) A relationship between two people is not a ring in which it will be proven who is stronger and smarter.
3) If you are competitive with your partner or notice that he is doing it, then be aware that you will not smooth the relationship so easily. That way, you will not be able to save the relationship from quarrels.
4) The idea of ​​a conflict between two people happens in order to resolve a conflict that has arisen due to a certain situation. If it is not resolved, it can only deepen and move on to other situations. As long as you cover up your differences and give in, keep quiet and suffer for the sake of an ideal relationship, by then you will have quarrels over the same things.5) It is therefore important to set certain boundaries in the relationship, as well as appreciation and respect. This will be your anchor at every moment of your relationship. You will gradually see the limits of your relationship, quarrels that lead to a breakup or lead to critical moments can only be stopped if you admit the mistake and talk openly with your partner about your needs and desires.

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However, if your wishes do not match your partner’s, then it is time to find your safe haven elsewhere.

Relationship crisis

How much the quarrel has culminated to the point that you can barely talk to your partner and you just don’t know how to start a conversation that won’t end with shouting and bullshit. Then it’s time to re-examine yourself and your behavior and then your partner’s behavior.

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Condemnation, vanity, and pride are the worst traits that will never make you progress in a single relationship with people. Whether it’s not your fault or it is a misunderstanding if you want to save the relationship from burning quarrels, see for yourself the ideas of your relationship, behavior and all the bad things that led to the relationship crisis.

How to fix a marriage or relationship from an argument?

None of us are instructed to use an ideal marriage or relationship. Nor do we know how many different factors can change us and weaken our emotional relationships. Are its financial problems, infidelity, children, friends, and a thousand other factors? We must be aware that at one point an argument occurred that was not resolved in time and that created a rift throughout the relationship.

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In order to fix such a toxic relationship in which you know neither how you fell in nor how to escape from it if you love your partner, the only cure for your problem is honesty and acceptance of the differences between you and your partner.



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