Learn to Deal With Emotional Quarrels

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We cannot avoid conflicts. In reality, emotional relationships are not superficial romantic films. Learn in a healthy way how to deal with quarrels in a relationship.

Would you like to learn to deal with emotional quarrels in a relationship?

Whether you are married or at the beginning of a relationship, conflict should not be avoided. In the end, life is not only woven of beautiful moments, but it is full of dissatisfaction and diversity.

And when the first quarrels in a relationship come up, it is not uncommon for emotional partners to experience the conflict as an emotional breakdown.

However, in order to save your emotional relationship from frequent disagreements and conflicts, you should first deal with the very origin of the conflict. So, learn how to deal with emotional quarrels…

Conflict can sometimes be a very good path to the evolution of interpersonal relationships, while on the other hand, it can become destructive to the emotional connection.

Quarrels in a relationship and why they happen

A well-known misconception refers to the fact that a quarrel in a relationship is always a negative thing. The fact that conflict can often result in a positive outcome gives a different perspective of looking at things.

If we know how to manage our emotions, an argument with an emotional partner does not have to make us defeated and frustrated. We can deepen and improve the relationship with our partner.

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Depending on how you react to a quarrel in a relationship, you can guess whether a quarrel is desirable or not. Most people in conflict react very aggressively. Defending himself and personal attitudes, a person in conflict can say things that he does not think and that would greatly hurt his partner.

If you have experience with such turbulent quarrels then you are aware of how devastating they can be for an emotional relationship. A quarrel can broaden our horizons and lead us to treat each other differently. We can say with certainty that conflict as such is desirable.

If there were no quarrels in the relationship, we would never have realized that our behavior was wrong.

As the issue of emotional or marital quarrels often leads to destructive and toxic relationships.

We will try to see what behavior in partners leads to the same, everyday quarrels that contribute to great stress and dissatisfaction in relationships and marriages.

Marriage quarrels

Also, you need to learn to deal with emotional quarrels in marriage…

A friend told me, “My husband annoys me just because he’s breathing.” While the other added that: “men should not exist in this world” “

After that conversation, I wondered if, in marriage, a husband and wife start talking in completely different languages ​​and do not listen to the needs of their partner? Are quarrels in marriage a good thing or a bad thing? And how to learn to deal with emotional quarrels in your toxic marriage?

From the constant shouting, dissatisfaction, and unresolved quarrels, the conflicts between the partners certainly deepen. Whether it is a matter of “trifles” or major quarrels, we are generally aware of the fact that quarrels in a relationship can separate us from the original idea of ​​love.

After all, why is that ?!

The truth is that we are all different and have different needs. If your partner does not recognize your needs and does not respect them, there is a conflict.

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However, can every quarrel lead to the breakdown of an emotional connection or can things be fixed after an argument?

In this case, the answer is yes.

In a fit of affect, we can’t think very soberly, however, as the passions calm down, a certain quarrel in a relationship could be a signpost for how to treat our partner.

The truth that no relationship is perfect and that we unknowingly do a lot of things that can hurt the feelings of our loved ones puts us in question where we are wrong in our marital relationships. And why do quarrels occur in marriage?

In general, it is clear to everyone that an honest and open conversation can resolve most disagreements in marriages. And while dealing with this topic, I constantly came across the same answers — how only open communication and compromise can prevent an argument. Certainly, that is correct.

Without good communication and compromise, we would not last a day next to a person.

However, the question arises as to what happens when compromise is not a good solution nor does communication improve due to frequent marital quarrels?

At the same time, certain people are extremely closed about their feelings and avoid communication with their partner. On the other hand, the constant story “about us and our problems” can really stifle the other side.

The question of measure and timing is actually the basis of good relations.

Who always initiates an argument and how does every argument end? Do we learn something from a heated argument or do we always make the same mistake?

The golden rule is that we can’t constantly get angry and argue about the same things. If your partner is always doing things that drive you crazy and there is obviously no reason to change them, will you start an argument every time?

If you start thinking that way, then you are on the right path to change the role that you have assigned to yourself in a marital relationship. Namely, as you begin to change your relationship with your partner, you can reduce conflicts and bring them to a reasonable minimum.

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On the other hand, if your married life has become extremely difficult and if, in addition to numerous quarrels in the relationship, you do not see a way out of a bad relationship, then you should consider whether such a relationship is worth it?

You should not suffer conflicts of opinion, constant quarrels at any cost if you think that such a relationship cannot be better than that.

Marriage is not the “happy end” of two people. It is the beginning of a life together that should contain a huge dose of respect, love, and togetherness.

Quarrels are part of that, they can indicate to you that you do not take enough care of your partner or that they indicate some differences in the very perception of togetherness.

If you can’t avoid quarrels by talking, changing your behavior, or making concessions, then it’s time to reconsider your values ​​of that marriage ?!

Relationship problems

Would you like to learn how to deal with emotional quarrels in romantic relationship?

Falling in love is the most beautiful phase of an emotional relationship. We are wonderful, our partners are wonderful.

Even their flaws are very sweet and charming. However, when that wonderful infatuation disappears, it is not the same as love. And when we see a partner in the right light, it is not uncommon for quarrels to become an everyday ritual in an emotional relationship. And relationship problems start to pile up like unpaid bills.

Anyone who has experienced this is probably wondering why relationship problems arise due to quarrels. The answer is simple enough and complicated enough, and that is that we don’t really know our emotional partner completely.

We will not deal with the harmless quarrels that we experience every day and that do not affect our relationships, we will deal with the causes and misconceptions that lead us to great conflicts and misunderstandings.

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Our need to be the captain of our relationship, to hold all the strings in our hands, and for someone to listen and love us unconditionally are some of the common reasons for quarrels.

On the other hand, insufficient communication, pathological jealousy, insecurity, and the need for control can lead to conflicts that can distance us from our partner.

In order to avoid the “traps” of the relationship that we all fall into, we need to get to know our partner properly and see the needs of the other.

Accepting diversity, tolerance, and working on an emotional relationship can really lead to a great reduction in toxic quarrels in a relationship. Which can prevent relationship problems.

How to save a relationship from an argument

Do you believe that your relationship is worth it despite numerous disagreements, quarrels, and bad moments?

Believe it or not, you can’t save a relationship from an argument.

Just as tango takes two, so quarrel takes two. This does not include regular grumbling and sulking at a partner and that legendary excuse we all sometimes use: “… it’s nothing to me…”

It’s time to evolve and face the idea of ​​why there was an argument that completely disrupted your relationship?

1) Maybe your love is karmic, maybe you have a problem with manipulation or you are just a difficult person, you or your partner. However, it may not always be to the liking of you or your partner.

(If your quarrels are full of harsh words, make you sad and insecure then consider why you need such statements while arguing with your partner)

2) A relationship between two people is not a ring in which it will be proven who is stronger and smarter.

(You should always admit the mistake and realize that it doesn’t have to be your last. Whether it’s you or your partner, consider why you experience the relationship as a competitive ring)

3) If you are competitive with your partner or notice that he is doing it, then be aware that you will not smooth the relationship so easily. That way, you will not be able to save the relationship from quarrels.

(Relationship quarrels can show the fact that you and your partner are not competitors, you can build relationships through open conversation)

4) The idea of ​​a conflict between two people happens in order to resolve a conflict that has arisen due to a certain situation. If it is not resolved, it can only deepen and move on to other situations. As long as you cover up your differences and give in, keep quiet and suffer for the sake of an ideal relationship, by then you will have quarrels over the same things.5) It is therefore important to set certain boundaries in the relationship, as well as appreciation and respect. This will be your anchor at every moment of your relationship. You will gradually see the limits of your relationship, quarrels that lead to a breakup or lead to critical moments can only be stopped if you admit the mistake and talk openly with your partner about your needs and desires.

(Setting boundaries is the basis of any relationship. That is, you need to know how far you can go with a person. If you cross the tolerance line where quarrels become violent, take care of controlling your emotions).

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However, if your wishes do not match your partner’s, then it is time to find your safe haven elsewhere.

Toxic quarrels, outwitting are not an integral part of healthy relationships. If you notice that your partner always gets what he wants from you through an argument, think carefully about whether you are dealing with an emotional manipulator. You can save the relationship if you discover the problems you have in time.

Relationship crisis

How much the quarrel has culminated to the point that you can barely talk to your partner and you just don’t know how to start a conversation that won’t end with shouting and bullshit. Then it’s time to re-examine yourself and your behavior and then your partner’s behavior.

A conflict that is not resolved on time, which is intense and which culminated in a big quarrel is not uncommon. The crisis in the relationship is caused by unsettled accounts. In such moments, both partners suffer a lot. Especially since everyone would like it to be like before the quarrel, and not to go through a crisis in the relationship.

First of all, it takes time for the passions to calm down in you and your partner. Whatever it is, it is important not to point a finger at your partner and say that he is to blame for everything! No, it’s both your fault.

By suffering, by crying, you will do nothing but show extremely great fear.

Jealousy, stubbornness, insults, and blackmail of partners will not solve your relationship crisis.

So if you want the crisis of your relationship or marriage to end, try to understand first your own feelings and then your partner’s.

Learn to admit the mistake and listen more to your partner’s needs.

Put yourself in someone else’s place and see how the other side feels. It’s not just your feelings that matter, because if you have decided to share everything, then you share the emotional burden together.

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Condemnation, vanity, and pride are the worst traits that will never make you progress in a single relationship with people. Whether it’s not your fault or it is a misunderstanding if you want to save the relationship from burning quarrels, see for yourself the ideas of your relationship, behavior and all the bad things that led to the relationship crisis.

Honesty and empathy are the basis of a healthy emotional relationship. If you possess these qualities then make an effort to approach your partner as a great friend and start resolving the relationship crisis together.

Sometimes, until we experience such great quarrels, we are not even aware of how much a person means to us and where we have sinned. That is why re-examining the value of the relationship itself, our actions, and the actions of our partner will lead us on the right path to secure reconciliation. And don’t forget that an argument always takes two.

How to fix a marriage or relationship from an argument?

None of us are instructed to use an ideal marriage or relationship. Nor do we know how many different factors can change us and weaken our emotional relationships. Are its financial problems, infidelity, children, friends, and a thousand other factors? We must be aware that at one point an argument occurred that was not resolved in time and that created a rift throughout the relationship.

Misunderstanding of the partner and his needs leads to interruption of communication and quarrels. The question is just how to fix a marriage or relationship from it?

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In order to fix such a toxic relationship in which you know neither how you fell in nor how to escape from it if you love your partner, the only cure for your problem is honesty and acceptance of the differences between you and your partner.

Love is not always enough for a community to survive. Respect and tolerance are the keys to the success of marriages and relationships. When this is not the case then quarrels are a daily ritual between partners.

Tolerance and respect are the keys to repairing emotional connections.

If certain factors have shaken your relationship and you want to fix things then we suggest you be patient and listen to your partner’s wishes. You should never force or repair broken things at any cost.

First, resolve the conflict with yourself and then with your partner. This will contribute to your safety and self-confidence. The moment you learn to control your emotions and overcome quarrels with yourself, then you will fix quarrels with your partner. When we work on ourselves, we also work on the relationship, which leads to the improvement of our emotional connections.



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