The turbulent life of partner Khloé Kardashian has stirred up the public again.

Tristan’s cheating has become a major public and media topic and is becoming more common.

It is known that she did not have a happy love life, which was full of obstacles and storms.
Does such a famous person, who has so much money, deserve to be in cadets and connected to Tristan? Is that love so great that she forgives him every time or is it a common child why she comes back to him?

After the world is buzzing about the new scandal of Tristan’s cheating, and how many times the involvement of Khloé Kardashian, we ask the question, could everything have been different? Why did Khloé persistently forgive scams to her alleged ex-boyfriend, why did she come back to him?

After a huge scandal, while she was pregnant when the world was buzzing about Tristan’s cheating, with Kylie Jenner’s best friend, instead of enjoying happiness, she met with headlines in the media about the most shocking scam.

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However, after her humiliation, pain, and suffering, she decided to bring Tristan back into her life, which was accepted by her famous family. Today, she is again involved in a scandal in which the same man will have a child with his personal trainer Marali Nichols (31). It is interesting that at that time, the Canadian basketball player was still in a relationship with Khloé a member of the Kardashian clan, with whom he has a daughter, True.

Khloé abruptly ended their relationship with the basketball player in April this year after the Daily Mail published photos of Tristan’s cheating and entering a hotel room with three girls after a crazy party in Beverly Hills.

In the show “Keeping up with the Kardashians”, Khloé spoke openly about her relationship with Thompson, saying that he was working hard to regain her trust and that she was aware that he had made a lot of progress, but added that she could not fully trust him.

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Was she wrong, because if she left the man earlier who humiliated her for the first time, she would not be facing the same suffering now? And new unpleasant surprises, where her comment is still expected about this case and scandal.

If it turns out that Tristan is the father of this child, we wonder if her love is so great that she will forgive him again, because it is known how much their daughter loves her father.

It would be normal to distance oneself from such a man, but after the first time, it is possible that Khloé will return to him again. Because it wouldn’t be the first time. Maybe she just wants him to be the father and her second child, which she wants so much.

But is it still her fault that he continued to behave like that? By forgiving, she gave him approval for the same behavior in the future.

This only proves that no matter how famous they are, that they have money, beauty, after all, Kardashians are just people, women who love and want to be loved. They are like all of us, and what happens to ordinary people happens to them, they sin and behave the same.

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