For years now, we have been worried about technology taking over our jobs. Now, the epidemic of Covid is transforming the way we work and causing a global recession.

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Therefore, according to the website of the World Economic Forum, it is the right time to gather experts in order to come to a conclusion. It is a conclusion about how to “reset” the world of labor in accordance with the new challenges that happened.

According to the estimates of this organization, in five years, the machines will work to the same extent as humans. That puts millions of jobs at risk. This will be the main topic of the summit of the World Economic Forum, which will be held this month.

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However, the good news is that the number of jobs that are expected to be created through the integration of technology will remain higher than the number of those jobs that will disappear, said the director-general of the World Economic Forum, Sadi Zahidi.

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Millions of people will have to change the job they are currently doing, and even those who won’t be forced to take such radical measures will have to improve their existing or adopt new skills.

Whether you need retraining/improvement or not, it is expected that at least 40 percent of the basic skills of any job will change. That is a huge number that most of us should accept, it is stated in the text.

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The conclusion is, therefore, that, in terms of the tasks we perform, almost half of what we do will look different in five years.

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