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They know exactly what they want. Taurus likes to invite all of his relatives, Capricorn loves high society, Cancer chooses to have an intimate ceremony…

Here’s what a perfect wedding of Zodiac signs looks like!


Aries bride wants an interesting wedding in a special location. Versailles sounds interesting. After all, on the day of her wedding, this bride must feel like a real queen. So a dress with a 10-meter barge, long wedding ceremonies, a sea of ​​flowers … no one will know how much effort and nerve it cost for this illusion of perfection — behind the scenes are secrets that they will never reveal and will never show their problems to the public. She doesn’t need consolation. Sh want’s to be admired.

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Traditions, customs and traditions again! Taurus considers a wedding to be a holy day, not a “dazzling” event. On this day Taurus unites two families into one tribal clan. And the most important guests at this event are many relatives. The bride-to-be bride will prefer to be in the fresh air, in a large park, for the wedding. Taurus is characterized by generosity, so the bride will not save on her dream dress, as well as for the banquet for distinguished guests. Add to that the romance inherent in Taurus and the ceremony will be worthy of great magazines.


A wedding for Gemini is a reason for unbridled joy and dancing until dawn, not for words, tears and emotions. The only thing the bride wants is to become the most fun guest at the wedding. Not surprisingly, the whole organization and control of the situation is easily transferred to other shoulders. Do not be surprised if the naughty Gemini suddenly decides to organize a surprise wedding, and then heartily laugh at the discouraged visitors.


Cancers do not like to often express their emotions in public, so they choose an intimate ceremony. It is possible for the wedding to take place in a “just for the two” format where the sacred words of love are spoken far from prying eyes. However, if they decide to invite guests, it will be something like a comfortable family dinner. However, this does not mean that the wedding dress will be modest because the Cancer woman wants to look elegant in a dress and see the tears in her future husband’s eyes.

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Leos weddings should be scarily expensive. On this day, Leo seems to be spending like real Hollywood stars. At the very least, their celebration looks like this: the most modern venue in town for a banquet, a few photographers, live music, colorful fireworks, floral decorations and, of course, cake on several levels. Leo firmly believes: the day of the wedding gives the tone to the whole family life they intend to live, enjoying luxury.


Every wedding detail for the Virgo is of great importance — from lace on the curtains to napkins at the banquet. Everything should be simple but neat and a bit strict. This also applies to the groom. There is no doubt that the normally “gentle” Virgo will be able to show “claws” if something goes wrong in her plan. That’s not as bad, after all, as in any other case. Virgo respects the most practical solutions. Guests should constantly encourage the bride with warm compliments to help her relax.




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