Actress Monica Bellucci is 57 years old today and she looks fantastic, and men around the world were enchanted by her beauty 26 years ago. Actor Leonardo di Caprio is 46 years old.

Take a look at a picture of Monica Bellucci and Leonardo DiCaprio when they were 31 and 21 years old!

A photo from 1995 appeared on social networks, showing Monica Bellucci in the company of a colleague, a Hollywood actor, Leonardo DiCaprio. That was in Paris at a dinner organized by Versace.

What Monica Bellucci Looked Like 30 Years Ago

Monica was 31 at the time, and photographers took a picture of the young actor DiCaprio, who was only 21 at the time.

DiCaprio was almost at the beginning of his career at that time. The role that made him one of the stars and which made him a world-famous and recognized actor followed two years later when he won many women’s hearts. That was with his role in the movie “Titanic”.

Monica Bellucci, today is one of the most popular actresses who captivates with her charm wherever she appears. When she celebrated her 51st birthday and when she entered her sixth decade of life, she stated that “the fifties are better than the twenties”.

“When I turned 50, I wasn’t fooled into thinking I could still have the energy and enthusiasm of a 20-year-old. I would never go back to those years. I was a fighter in my forties, and now it’s time for a rebirth,” Monica Bellucci. said six years ago.

Monica Bellucci Never More Provocative

What few of them know is that she wanted to do modeling and law. That is why she studied law at the University of Perugia but eventually dropped out of college to pursue modeling.

In 1990, she married photographer Claudio Bass, but they divorced after four years. After working on several Italian televisions, as well as starring in films, Monica Bellucci introduced herself to the American audience with the film Dracula in 1992.

She met her second husband, Vincent Kassel, in the movie “Apartment”. After a few years, they got married. Monica Bellucci from her marriage to Vincent Cassel has daughters Deva (13) and Léonie (8). It is interesting that while they were married, Vincent and Monica lived in separate apartments, so as not to fall into a routine and become a habit for each other. Despite that, they divorced in 2013.

Celebrities Once And Now — How Much They’ve Changed

Fans wrote numerous positive comments on the photo.

“He’s fighting the hardest battle of his life,” is just one of the comments on the photo of Monica Bellucci and young Leo.



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