There are many reasons why men cheat on their girlfriends and wives, but also why a woman is willing to become a mistress.

Mistresses tell themselves so many lies when they fall in love with a married man. Some of them you can read in the text.

However, no matter how good an excuse you seem, how many lies you tell yourself to justify your feelings when you fall in love with a married man, nothing can change the fact that someone is cheating and someone else is hurt.

And we all know how much damage fraud does.

What his wife doesn’t know can’t hurt her

This belief is far from reality. First of all, the fact that she doesn’t know doesn’t mean that what her mistress is doing is right.

Secondly, his wife may never find out, but she can also find out today, due to a combination of circumstances. And once she realizes that her husband is a cheater, he will hit not only her but their children as well.

The Confession of Mistress: Life Is Hard When You Love a Man Who Will Never be Yours

It is a purely physical need, without emotions

Most people who enter into romance outside of marriage try to comfort themselves with these words. They have the wrong belief that everything will be relaxed, without obligations and expectations, and once it is over, they will just put an end to it without any complications.

In reality, it is not so. Namely, when you are intimate with someone for so long, it is rare that at least one side does not develop some emotions.

I’m above that, I don’t want to be tied down

This kind of thinking goes hand in hand with the one: ‘It’s a purely physical need, without emotions’. The reality is that it is difficult for many women to stay with someone exclusively in a physical relationship, sooner or later an emotional connection appears, at least to a certain extent.

Although she was aware from the beginning that he was married and that he was not planning to leave his wife, the mistress could not be sure that she would not fall in love with him. Of course, there are people who succeed, but they are rare.

My Mistress Completely Amazed me in Bed. Now I Can no Longer Make Love to my Wife

He will leave his wife for me when he is ready

This is a scenario that can often be seen, but rarely does a man really leave his wife. It turns out in the end that he is never ready.

Cheaters often tell women with whom they want to be intimate, that they will leave a woman, they are not happy with her, … But, in the end, it turned out that those words served only to keep his mistress with him as long as possible.

Adultery-prone men know what women want to hear and use it to get what they want.

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