Sources of stress that should be noticed…

What would you give up if someone offered you to throw all your sources of stress into a magical garbage bin? The key to fighting stress is not to work more on a situation that brings you discomfort, but willingness to do less.

Some of the things that you do in life just make things worse, and when you resort to such behavior you are actually replenishing the oil on the fire. In stressful situations when you are pressured by worries, ease yourself by changing yourself to these 10 things:

1. Erase the need to please others.

2. Stop making justice.

3. Do not feel like you have to react instantly to everything, some things can wait.

If You Have a Solution to This Problem, You Can Start Living a Normal Life

4. Allow yourself to be unavailable to others when you feel the need for it. It’s okay to sometimes deny a call to hang out.

5. Stop believing that you need just one thing you do not have to be happy and successful. It is not true that there is only one thing whose power is so great that it rules over your success and failure. There are always other opportunities.

6. Control your desire for bragging. There are people who will see you as you really are, without having to prove anything to them. They are the only real friends!

7. Stop trying to be accepted by everyone. All people will never accept you and that’s fine. Your job is to accept that fact.

8. Remember that you do not need to know every detail. Life sometimes works in a mysterious way.

9. Reject the idea that you have to be perfect. Errors happen to everyone. It’s okay for someone to be a witness to your folly.

10. Do not give yourself extra stress by considering yourself responsible for all people in your environment.

Believe that they will be assisted by a gracious universal power of love and justice that is the same for all. Providing support and helping others is wonderful, but when it starts to cause stress, it’s time to let the situation flow its own course.

When you have the burden of stress, throw away some of that load, and set a new path, fresh energy, you will be more open and more expressive. With this new energy, you can help more people.



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